Friday, April 24, 2009

Homemade Pasta/Spaghetti Sauce

Right now I'm seriously considering to create my own foodie blog. Heheh. But I'm afraid it gonna be too much to handle. Hmmmm...

Anyway, this is an attemp to conjure a homemade pasta paste so I wont have to depends on Prego or Lego dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Do have to warn u though, this recipe is try and error, I dont have the exact measurements, I simply use whats available in the kitchen.. hehehe.. The result is pretty good considering I'm using canned tomato ONLY as I dont have tomato paste and wish I have some mushrooms - love its taste and texture in pasta~

Here goes!

Heheh.. u got me here.. I love buying and experimenting with herbs! So whattaheck, am gonna dump everything in, instead of just oregano..

I read that cold-pressed olive yield a better olive oil quality

Everything minced/diced.. doesnt really matter as in the end i blended everything

Butter coz I love its buttery-milky taste and fragrance!

Ooopss, do add some water as well.. About a cup.. I use abt half of the tomato tin, also useful to dissolve the remaining sauce in the tin so that we didnt waste anything ;)

In goes my herbs, oregano, basil, and italian herbs

Hmmm.. siapalah Paprika kalau mulut dah biasa makan cili api kan? kan?

Jeng jeng jeng!! Here's where my yummy QC comes into view :D

He like it! I think he loves everything tomato.. He can eat whole fresh tomato (raw!) just like his Mama :D

Finally I blend everything and keep it in a container into the fridge! The taste and smell is pretty good.. Suitable for bolognese spaghetti.. But I use it for macaroni with minced meat and cheese!



Zuhaini said...

wah.. menariknya. tp this is the sauce kan..? so kalau nak makan spagetti lets say. then still kena masak another batch of 'kuah' for the spagetti ke..? atau boleh trus guna this one..? and add mushrooms, ayam, fish ball dll...?

hehe.. sori la, i bab memasak ni blur sikit.. :)

Mimi said...

Ops sori xperasan u ada komen kat sini.. hehehe.. ampunnn.. neway to answer ur qs, kalau nak masak spaghetti or any other pasta, i just goreng minced meat and add mushroom ke other extra ingredients n masukkan this paste (mcm kita guna prego or leggo or maggi spaghetti paste tu) n walla kuah dh siap, nak makan, gaul dgn pasta.. easy right?!

CATZ said...

wahhh...briliant recipe...
tapi segala mak nenek herbs tuh mahal le jugok kan..kalau guna sellau worth lah...
wowww....serious ek muka QC ko...perghhhh.....

Mimi said...

Hahaha.. Tu la pasal, siap tekan2 lagi bawang2 ngan capsicum yg xhancur tu, xlarat.. Sbb tu haku blended lepas tu, terasaaaaa... :D