Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride


*sweeping dust*

Hurmm.. After a rollercoaster of 36 37 38 39 40 39 38 37 39 40 39 37 (ok i think u'll get the idea by now, i'm talking about Awisy body temperature) that lasted for days, it finally stabilize today. By far the longest high fever to date. I guess the new antibiotics is working (thank you god! Alhamdulillah). It has too.

Dr Ar: We'll change the antibiotics. If the high fever still exist after 2-3 days, I hv to admit him.

Me: oh god, i sure hope it'll work. I cant imagine taking care of him in the ward.

Dr Ar: Me too! Sure nnt the nurse xsenang duduk, nak kene jaga lif all the time *smile*

And while we were talking, Awisy is busy exploring the (inside) of the cabinets in Doc room. In fact when we first step into the room, as i release his hand, he immediately run into the next room. Its a constant Catch-Me-If-U-Can.

Dr Ar: Him being active like this is the only reason I didnt admit him straightaway.

Me: But doc, he's energetic because the drug is working. when the effect is diminishing, he'll be very flat n cried non-stop.

Dr Ar: i know, but if he's flat almost all the time, then we should be worried. For the time being, lets give him the new antibiotics.


p-na mama oja said...

hope awisy cpt sembuh!!

~comei la awisy ala2 mix gitu~heh!

precious innocent said...

speedy recovery awisy...

-mama emma-

Zuhaini said...

cepat sembuh ya awisy! hihi.. cutenya dia...

**awisy pun macam alia la, lagi demam, lagi aktif! mcm x percaya je dia demam! :)

Mimi said...

P-na, Emma, n ZU
Thanks a zillion girls!!