Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Diary

Yay its 5 days till Papa!
I figured why my mood ws so hell-ish last week, its 'that' time of the month. Lousy-lousy mood, crappy-crappy feeling. And its contagious, ha di ha. Although I'm not sure wether I've 'infected' Awisy, or its the other way around :P
My hectic life is full of rushing here and there.
Morning is the worst, rush to the babysitter, then to office, climbing those thousand stairs in the light of speed so that I cn punch in on time. I remembered my response to Papa nagging about my time management in the morning (which is obviously not good), I said " Dont you just love the adrenaline rush? It gets u pumped up for work!", Papa cursed (haha). Truth to be told, even if I wake up earlier then usual, I'll found myself spending the extra time lingering in front of the mirror, or laying beside my baby so I can cuddle him for a while, eating biscuits etcetera etcetera instead of going straight to the point.
Come evening, after I punch out, its straight to the babysitter to pick up Awisy, then UPM to pick up my sis, its already dark when we reach my parents house for dinner n tv, finally usually around 2300 or so, to my home to sleep. Awisy usually settles down at 0100.
Yeps, thats the daily routine everytime Papa is away. PENAT is the exact word, hehe.
Anyway last week as I have some stuffs to settle in UPM, I purposely went on the afternoon so I wont have to go back to the office. Picked up my sis, then Aisy (he call himself Aisy now), drive through McD and hd our little picnic at the park. Heavenly~ Notice Aisy digging the soil then cried when we goes "Ewwwww.." to his soiled finger, hehe...

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m@Ri@ said...

awisy makin comel..=)