Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Got Me A New Clutch

Yesterday is the longest day of my life..
Well maybe for Awisy too..

I am such in a lousy mood.

I'm really confuse because like this is not the first time me n Awisy being apart from Papa. Putting aside that 4 months in Hungary, Papa hs been outstationed a number of time already, each time no less than 5 days. But this one seems to be taking more toll on Awisy. Maybe because he's grown closer and attached to Papa, I'm not sure.

As usual when Papa is away, I'll call him before we went to sleep, put him on speaker n let Awisy chat with him, last nite was not excluded. In fact I think Awisy wont sleep before that (the phone call), he'll hold my phone and said to me 'Papa' which I interpreted as signal for me to call his Papa. Anyway, after we hung-up, he grew even more restless, tossing himself on me and the bed again and again while chanting "Papa! Papa!" It hurts u know, i mean physically. Really, its like playing WWF in the dark where I'm the one being hit again and again. At one point his foot smashed on my face (hard), I snapped, I smacked his butt (equally hard), and then I feel guilty as hell.

That creepy guilty feeling still haunts me till this very time.

I'm one tired mother. I work too u know. Yesterday when boss asked me to go to this other agency to demo the instruments that we've designed for them, I thought that it's gonna be a normal one. Little that I know that I was going to ride a 4wd into the plant (which is the bumpiest ride of my life) to do the demo on site, in the middle of afternoon heat. 

Yesterday started early and ended very late.

I hope today gonna be a better one.

Btw, I'm writing this post via email so excuse me if havent reply ur comments. And on a lighter note, I've taken on sewing! Yay me! :P Yups that clutch is all mine, handmade and handsewn too (I dont have a sewing machine).



Zuhaini said...

wah.. rajinnya..

tp clutch ni untuk apa ya..? simpan pen pensel ke.. simpan duit ke..? :) tp sangat cun! :)

purp said...

wah... handmade clutch...
masa tgk gambar clutch ni aku pk, apa lah yg istimewa sgt clutch ni... rupanya handsewn... kemas sungguh. rajin betul ko ni.

Mimi said...

i ingat nak wat pecil case, but not big enuff.. so skangni i simpan stufs like thread n needles n pins etc

yeps.. aku wish i hd sewing mach though.. okla kira cara lain untuk release tensi.. hehehe