Friday, May 8, 2009

of AI, Chamions Leagues, and the Zoo Visit

Hello :)

Anybody still reading my humble writing? (ecehs).. I guess so since the counter keeps on incrementing. TQ TQ, eheh.

I've been busy these days, hence the lack of update. Lots have been happening, the latest highlight is Adam (yes Adam, not Awisy) has make his way to the top 3! Yay! Well done Adam! (Papa sila jangan jeles :*) I'm talking about AI btw. And I know my dear friend Saira is still high over the top since Barca beat Chelsea yesterday inspite of her ADSP assignment heheh.. The question now is will Barca be able to continue the winning streaks when they face Man U in the Champions League final? :D (I dont really care, tapi aku lebih cenderung ke Man U sbb ada CR.. wakakaka.. but I do hope Adam wins AI)

Papa is flying to Jakarta this Sunday (kembali tensyen sbb kene tinggal lagi). Maka Mama akan bersama Awisy loving together-gether tanpa Papa for 2 weeks. Mak Ngah (or to imitate Awisy "Didd-dahhh") and prolly together with Pakchik (Awisy "Tadd-deee") will be spending the nights with us, and so the single-mom rountines begin *sangap*.

Actually my intention was to write about the Zoo visit, heheh.. Tapi dah melalut 2 perenggan. It was nice, hot (very), sunny day. Admission is cheap, RM15 perperson, plus Awisy is free. We arrive at about 10am, should hv come earlier as it opens at 9am.

If u plan to go, remember to wear only snickers (I saw some people wearing platform and heels, yikes!), jeans, and thin t-shirt. More comfy since there gonna be lotsa walking and hot-hot weather. Wear ur hat/cap, bring extra water, handy fan - the paper fan for urself and battery ones for the little one). Stroller is handy to transport ur stuffs, sling back/back pack as well. Anyway they're lots of little shops among the parameter where u can buy those stuffs, but its a bit pricey.

Despite the weather, we managed to enjoy ourself very much! My favourite part is feeding the animal~ We get to feed the giraffe, elephant, and deer. The food costed RM3 perpacket. But think of the priceless experience u'll get, I mean where else d u get to feed wild animal like elly, and giraffe, and deer (I'm saying this because I heard a lady making remark to her child "RM3?? How many banana u get for that?" Well hello! its not like u're the one who gonna eat it! huhh..)

Awisy had a blast! He's pretty excited with the sights of real elly (think Pocoyo), bear, camel, giraffe, etc etc.. Now he can differentiate tiger from cat, now when we go "Awisy do the tiger!" he'll go "Aummmmm.." complete with fiece eyes and claw-wy hand, heheh. He did nap in the middle of the walks (thats when the stroller and battery fan are compulsory) for about 1 hr or so. We didnt cover the whole parameter (gawd that would take the whole day and a bunch of energy bar), but I'm satisfied enuff. Plus we didnt use the tram service (yes walk and walk an walk the whole way).

Finally presenting the Animal~

Aummmmmm.... Encik Tiger

Sexy butt! Encik Badak - this is at the Savannah Walk

Kalau tak silap yg ni Puan Eemu atau Encik Ostrich (lupa!)

Yang ni Adik Emu

Yang ni pun, posing u!! Awwww... And kat tepi tu ada si Wallaby

Encik Elly yang jinak sedang lepak sambil kaki bersilang!

Our favourite! Miss Giraffe~ Celak mata yg sangat menawan kalbu, not mentioning the long lashes~ I ws telling Papa while doing my face this morning, this's the look I'm trying to achieve, hehe.

Happy TGIF!


Saira said...

Mimi.. U gonna roots for Man U coz of CRonaldo? How could you? You choose CR7 over me? How could you?

On AI notes.. Yay for Adam! Hehehe.. I honestly thinking that Adam will win AI.. Anything else means that Americans is really ....

Ok.. back to CL.. Barca lost so many player.. Man U has an upperhand here.. So, if you said.. because of that.. U sokong man u.. it will be less hurt.. kui kui kui.. But if you ask me.. underhand? Underdog? I believe in BARCA! VIVA BARCA!

opss.. haven't start anything on adsp yet.. kui kui kui.. tick tock tick tock.. dateline approach.. :p

Mynie said...

nice shots at the zoo! :)