Thursday, May 28, 2009

Showing of His New Bike

Just a quick post before I dash off to the bunker.

Earlier this week Papa bought Awisy this new bike. Its quite a steal at RM99 since the original price ws around RM160. This one is stationed at Atuk and Awe's place (so I got more reason to singgah every evening, nyeh nyeh). Hehe kidding.. xde basikal pun menyinggah at least every other day if not everyday, the benefit of having 'kampung' 5 mins away frm ur home ;)

So Awisy get to boss everybody around pushing him around the block. Seriously! He is very bossy indeed! Whenever we stopped just to catch a breath or sumtimes just to tease him, he'll thump his leg and yell "Diddahhh!!" or "Mama!" or "Papa!" (depending on who is pushing him at dat time) and point forward until we continue to push him again. Hillarious :D (Kami mmg suka menyakat, hehehehe)..

And Awe is giving him (or the bike?) special treatment. While everyone bikes (all his 3 pakciks) park outside, his one get to park inside! "It might get stolen", said Awe. Hehehe...

Erk! its 10 past 10! Toodles doo!


Zuhaini said...

cantik la bike awisy! alia nak pinjam boleh..? :) erm.. awisy reti kayuh tak tu..? ke still kena push dari belakang..? :)

Mimi said...

bole bole, meh la dtg sini ;)
awisy belum bole kayuh lagi kot, selalu jadi big boss je, order org tolak dia sana sini.. hehh