Monday, May 25, 2009

Squinting at This Small Screen, Ones Eyes Become Sleepy

Again, i'm writing updates at 250am. Heh. Am forking my brain for ideas, so far nonewhatsoever. Then what am I still doing here? Cant sleep, dats why. Demn that cuppa coffee. Its too delicious, one cafein-holic wont be able to resist (thanks diddah - adik misali ku.. nyeh nyehs).

Cheeky baby is fast asleep beside me (well actually not so fast in terms of timing), he insisted to play the bubble game on my phone before dat n then cont to watch me play until he finally asleep. Papa ws back on saturday :D so no more expensive nite calls.

I'm thinking maybe I wanna watch Adam on youtube, especially the one w Simon's standing ovation, but then watching youtube on this small screen of Nokia will not satisfy me n the buffering time every 10secs will prolly frustrates me more, so yeah maybe tomorrow on bigger screen :) papa did just dat b4 he went to sleep(watching Adam n Kiss on youtube on his nokia) and he gave up after 30 secs, hehe. He missed the final coz he ws still in Jakarta, got pretty excited when he heard abt Adam finals w Kiss. A hard rock die hard fan, he is.

My big boy Aisy frequently throwing tantrums lately. Usually I diverted his attention by merely laugh at his pretend-cries (he'll end up laughing together), but lately he's pretty determined to show his anger :P Am looking for the best way to handle it, perhaps a visit to baby center www site after this if i still couldnt sleep.

Yeay tomorrow nak pegi jalan-jalan! Okaylah, maybe i should sleep now, else i wont be able to wake up tomoro.


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