Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craving for 2 Things Cho-ko-lat

Oh I'm pretty exhausted dealing with my pele.pasan cu.ti bela.jar and stuffs.. plus rounds and rounds par.cel C looking for parking. Thank you sooo much Papa for being my loyal companion driving me wherever i need to go.. hehe.. (oi cepatlaaa luluskan loan kete guweeee!)

This morning I nearly loose my temper dealing w few people.. Borang aku hilang la, itu la ini laa, telefon balik kejap lagi laaa.... Eiiiiii! I know that prolly 'they' are dealing w thousands of people, but still can u at least be more systematic? Nasib baik jumpa borang aku, kalau tak memang menangis nak start balik from scratch. Hmphhhh!

To soothe my self, I'm giving my self a few mins break doing - window shopping online (really! I have so much to settle, but so little time left!).. Found meself staring at these 2 beauties... and realize lately i'm turning into 'chocoholic'!

Isnt these delicious?

I know its prolly outdated.. Tapi kalau hati sudah terpikat?

Oh gosh! Seriously, the deep chocolate is TDF! I wonder is it really look this good in real life.. need to checkitout!

Haha.. Okeh, time's up! Back to work people!


Real Woman said...

i think the brown coach bag design tak outdated la. Quite classic. Lagipun it has bold color. nice one!

Mimi said...

Hi Real Woman..
Yups the bag design is classic right.. I wonder.. Should I would I could I.. hehe

Real Woman said...

hehehe go for it gurl!!