Thursday, June 25, 2009

Every Little Title Starts with 'A'

Auto Pilot

Have u ever been in an autopilot mode? I mean u as in urself, not ur car, ur plane, or any systematic instruments. I have. Everytime when Papa went outstation I find me switching to autopilot especially when driving.

I realize this when for example after tucking in Awisy for the night (yeah right, like he'll stays tucked in the blanket - so figurative speaking), I found myself wondering hv I switched off the lights downstairs and lock the doors? So I went for double checked, lo and behold, everything IS in order. Another time is while driving, suddenly I'll found myself reaching the destination (either its the office, or Awisy babysitter's) and then I wondered how did I cross that junction I dreaded the most (there's one junction I really hate, cause everyone from the other direction is driving so fast while I need to cross that road). Hmmmmm...

Adoi Pokai

Cliche for saying this on salary day (yang ni baru cliche betul punya Wak!). Almost every single one of my skincare are squeezed to the last drop. Meaning its also the perfect time if i wanna switch to different brand. Dermalogica hs served me well for the past 5 years. Sensitive skin and everything, I'm quite scared to take that chances (again) and feeling dissapointed (again). Hmmmm...

Adoi Awisy

Is an energetic like lit.tle por.table nuc.lear reac.tor (sorry I dont want ppl googling that to arrive here, heh!) and as fast as a hurricane. Still sleep verry late (thank you baby) and currently replace 'L' with 'Y' like "Jayyan!"= Jalan! and "Sayamm" = Salam. Also he calls every big vehicle in the road "Bus!" (yes with the exclamation mark). He runs as opposed to walk and make hell of a mess during mealtime.. Hehe.

Adoi Kerja

Work-work-work, sampai mati pun tak kan habis. So I catch a little break like right now to take a breath (he he). 1 week to go but I still have stuffs that might take maybe 2-3 months to finish. I can imagine my study leave yang tak kan berapa aman since 2 bosses already remark "alaaa.. u dekat je. Apa-apa nnt we all call u datang la skejap" huhu.. Inovasi pun maybe kene join (hanya Saira and Purp and Catz yang paham).

Takpelah, I'm thankful enough that I finally got this opportunity, I can live with that. On the other hand things are starting to fall into places, a few adminstrative stuffs are either settled or in-progress, Insyallah I'm ready to register next week.. Student life, here I come!

Okaylah, short break is getting too long, heheh >:)

Makan durian yang best, Atuk belanja!


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CATZ said...

hahahha..aku paham...aku pahamm..ko nanti macam on call gituh...
very de sekangkang kera...sat2 ado le boss ko tepon...tipsnya...jgn melintas2 opis ye..duk dendiam di sinun tuh...hehhehe