Monday, June 29, 2009


Last friday I went for medical check-up. Upon completing x-ray, urine, and vision test, I ws called into the doc's room for final examination. Inside the room, Doc is already holding my check-up form.

Doc: Where should I write?

Me: Huh? *Flipping through the form* The front ones is my declarations on family medical histories. I guess u should write on the next pages?

Doc: I know, but its not enough here.. *Also flipping through the pages* See, u're missing page 3. *Proceed to show me that I have page 1,2,4,5,6*

Me: *Caught offguard/confuse* So what should I do?

Doc: *Shrugs*I dont know. I guess u should get the missing page and comeback later.

Funny how simple mistake like this can complicates some else business.

In my case, I hv to postpone my medical check-up, go back to uni today to get that effing 1 page, and to the hospital to complete my check-up. And yes I tried to call the uni from the hospital to check but they didnt pick-up!

So much for registering today..

Takpelah.. Esok oso can.

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Zuhaini said...

sabar ye.. biasa la tu.. :)