Saturday, June 13, 2009

Homemade Remedies

I guess one of the minus points in sending ur kids to nursery or baby sitter is whenever one of the kids is sick, probability that ur kid will be sick is most likely. Its that usual contagious stuffs like cough, fever, and running nose. Some even diarrhea.

Once when we voiced our frustation about this to our paed, she simply replied..

"Dont worry, look on the bright side.. Right now ur baby is building his antibody, soon his body will be strong enough to block all these sickness since he ws already exposed to it at early age.."

I dont know how true is this, maybe she's just trying to calm us down. Which she did. Anyway, when I collect Awisy from aunty babysitter yesterday I see that his nose is wet. Sigh. Usually its an early symptom of fever or even worse, high fever. So when Papa ask wether we should bring him to clinnic or buy the medicine, I refuse. I hate the thought that there's too many drugs inside his little body (if such thing exist). Not that he's always been sick (Alhamdulillah), if I counted correctly he only fall sick twice this year, but both were quite serious with high fever and everything, plus almost everykids at the aunty's as well.

So I said, lets try something natural. Lets not give him drugs meds yet. I queried my mom and dad, they mentioned about using 'Minyak Kunyit' which u can easily prepare at ur own home. It involve heating a little bit of oil inside a clean pan, and fry lots of mashed tumeric which I'm not sure how to explain in English, but in Malay according to my mum..

"ambil ibu kunyit (the biggest part of the tumeric that u can get), asah dekat belakang bon.tot pasu/lesung"

Tumeric is a strong antibacteria by nature, so I'll make em tonight (sorry this is scheduled post). In a way I'm quite shameful as my dad is a writer of this book, he has so much passion on herbs and traditional medicine although his background is forest engineering, yet his daughter knowledge on this area next to zero.. hehe.

Okay la Awisy, for ur sake, mama'll try to acquire more knowledge on this. Will share the results with u guys, Insyallah..

Have a nice weekend!

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