Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Little Explorer

Awisy had heaps of fun last weekend when we went back to Melaka to visit my in laws and my grandparents.. I have tons of pichas to share, these ones are from a half day 'balik kampung' to my maternal grandparents (the advantage of having same 'negeri' w ur hubby, hehehe).

We were pretty exhausted when we reached my granparents house as the day started early driving frm Bangi to my in laws house, then to Papa's cousin wedding where we stayed until kompang (frm about 11am to 2pm - in the middle of the heat!), then to my granparents home sweet home.

Papa sampai terus pengsan!

Mama makan durian n rambutan dulu while catching up with my aunty and atok and nenek.. But Awisy! OMG, he's fully recharge, I dunno where those energy comes from, its like he has a small nuclear reactor supplying too much power for that little body! He havent nap since 8 in the morning and its around 5pm..

Just look at these proves here..

Will update more pichas on the wedding tomoro! Tata..

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