Wednesday, June 10, 2009

of Mines, Nandos, Crocs, and Thai Odyssey Foot Massage

My post title basically sums-up half of my Monday :)

Makni (my youngest aunty, Mak's side) and her family came to stay with us on Sunday and Monday. So Monday, I took a leave to spend time wif them since they only arrived at dinnertime the previous day. Abah, my uncle, and all three 'heroes' went for a fishing trip which left us the ladies and Awisy at home. After contemplating between here, here, there, there, we decided to go to Mines, hehe.. Because the boys wont be out for that long, we need somewhere close-by, so Mines is considered okayla, havent go there for ages!

Arrived there at 1 dot, straight for lunch at Nandos...

My honeybunch cuppy cake

Doing some forks stunt.. Look at Awe's worried face! hehe

Awisy, Awe, Diddah, and Mira, my cousin a.k.a Awisy's Maksu. Now look at Awisy face! He's chewing a lemon slice! hehe

Them wif Makni with a pretty nice white and pink background!

Mira and Awisy..

I bought Awisy a new Crocs (Sponge Bob Square Pants) cause I forgot to bring his shoes! Huhuhu... Will break my bone if I have to carry him all day. Lucky me, he likes it and so easy to put on, he can put it on himself~ (The Nike one was complicated with 3 zap ons and everything). So CUTE~

Since we didnt really have a real agenda, was practically wandering around the shops, I decided to give everyone a massage treat ;) I badly need one! But since we dont have enuff time, we opted for 1/2 hour foot massage and take turns, first Mak and Makni while me and Dhiah take care of the kids..

Foot cleansing..

I kill the the time by bringing them to play and games area.. Off they went into the bouncy castle.. Hehe..

Then its our turn!

Divine! Next time will go for the whole body massage!


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