Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Really! Its the Tought That Counts

Heheh.. Another quick post here.

Teachers Day comes and go, but it is one of the anticipated day of the year for me n my siblings :) On THE day Mak will surely came back from school with bundles of presents and surely we are the ones to rip them open.

Eversince Mak transfered from mid-school to primary the prizes become more interesting, hehehe.. No offense Verdie ;) U can never guess what's really in that package until u open it. Some are hillarious, LOL. Enjoy the pichas..

A pose with cucu kesayangan is a must ;)

Even Awisy took part this year :D

See that 2 big square ones? One is plastic DULANG, and another is plastic file

Guess whats inside this one?

A small roll-on perfume.. hehehe

Awisy feasting on the chocolates

A giant "Happy Teachers Day" pen

A bottle with secret message in it ;)

The use of plastic bag scrunched up like this is pretty creative :D

In it is a soap dispenser, cute one! and we know its actually free cause there's 'Shhokobutsu' written at the back.. hehe

A few plastic flowers

This handmade card is decorated with instead of ribbons, get this.. a single white thread! hehehe

Mak got a few mugs with animals like moo and meow on the handle, lotsa cupcakes (which she didnt bring it back for us!), some chocolates and cookies, a few small glass/plastic decors, and lots more.. hehe. But no fancy stuffs like thumbdrives frm last year.

We had so much fun and laugh! Its fun to see what a 7 year old interpretes as gift. I'd say maybe some bought it based on the budgets that their parents provide, some just find stuffs in their house, and some gave stuffs he/she fancy like that small roll-on perfume, hehehe..

And like I said in the beginning, its the tought that counts ;)

Happy Belated Teachers Day Mak!


Anasfadilah said...

ye betul la kan,tots that count..

tak tahan gelak,card di hiasi dengan single white thread

janji ada..hehehe

Zuhaini said...

tu dia.. macam macam ada! haha :)

tp best kan jadi cekgu.. dapat macam-macam hadiah time teacher's day!

saya dulu x sempat merasa teacher's day.. tapi time nak abih mengajar (jd guru sandaran je pun) bukan main banyak alamat n contacts budak2 bagi.. konon suh kita anto surat.. haha :) sweet..