Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scholarship Links to Further Ur Study

A few ppl queried me abt my scholarship..

This is the one I got, its under mosti (ministry of science, tech, n innovation). If i'm not mistaken, its open for all gov servant under research inst and uni (including lecturers) - not sure, please check the terms and condition. Tapi mesti buat by research, kennot by course.
Here is the link to apply:


For Msc by coursework, u can apply for jpa sponsorship. Listed here is all sponsorships under jpa including degree, master, phd:


For non-gov servant, u can also apply under NSF (also must do by research - full time), but there's an age limit.. More infos here:


I thinks there's a lot more available frm mara, private sectors, other ministries (maybe).. Optimize ur Google okay people!

Good Luck!

Tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke liang lahad..

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Zuhaini said...

wah.. tq very much bebeh.. :) boleh ku layari.. (walaupun rasanya kalau nak buat full time, sure x lepas punya lah..)

erm.. hang buat research ke coursework...?