Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aisy 101 - Chapter 1

Its so true that little children is like a sponge, absorbing everything (well almost) they see, they hear, they touch, they feel around them. Learning something new everyday.

It becomes quite scary sometimes, how Awisy began to imitate how people act or talk around him. I can literally see his little neurons working, building bridges between them, making networks here and there. I guess (if I want to) now would be the perfect time if i want to train him good manners, perfect behaviours, so he'll grows up as one perfect gentleman someday.

Perfect Behaviours 101.
Lesson 1: How to change ur own diapers.


As far as language is concern, his vocabs are impressively growing. If I want to list out everything, this entry is gonna be as thick as dictionary.

Ok Exaggerate. Hehe.

Regardless wether its actually a correct word or some gibberish term with special meaning. Needless to say, I'm soo proud of my little prince ;)

Speaking of Gibberish, I found that we are at that stage where when he says somethings to me, I will understand, but people around us will not. Heheh. Its like a special bonding! :P 2 memorable examples:

While walking around the lake..

Aisy: Mama DARD! *finger points to something*
Diddah: Dia tunjuk apa?
Me: BIRD laa.. hehe

Aisy: Mama FESHASSS..
Diddah: FISHES laaa Aisy!

We just arrived home from somewhere. After entering the house upon sitting on the sofas, he turn around to me and points outside..

Aisy: Mama! Titap!
Me: Titap? Aisy tunjuk apa? nak apa?
Aisy: Titap! *repeats a few times*
Me: Mama tak paham la Aisy..
Aisy: *walks to the door and close it*
Me: Ooooooh.. Tutup la Aisy, bukan titap

At a hardware shop..

Aisy: Baw! Baw! Baw!
Diddah: Aisy nak apa?
Aisy: Baw! Baw!
Me: Dia nak BALL, manetah dia nampak..

Turns out that hardware shops also sell some colourfull balls which they hanged in front of the door.

But somehow, regardless how hard I try, they still remains Dard, Feshas, Titap, and Baw till now.. hehe

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Zuhaini said...

wah.. dah nak pandai bercakap! :)