Monday, July 20, 2009

Highlights Last Week

1. PakLang @ Maddd was admitted to Serdang Hosp due to dengue fever. Been feverish and sick for a few days prior, but refused to go to the clinic for proper check-up. Finally when his nose was bleeding, Atok (my dad) brought him to Az-Zahra and found that his blood count ws 50++. When to Serdang and admitted for 2 days. He's now back at home, bed-resting (hehe) and recovering..

2. Nothing much on my study except that I manage to sign-up for that subject I aim. Much to my dismay, the prof initially rejected my request to expand his class quota saying its too full already. Hence I took another road - signing up for the class (online registration)every freaking day, in hope that someone will drop the class so I can fill that spot. Success! on Tuesday.. hehe

3. Still not much progress on project proposal! Yikes!! I can feel my panic rise.

4. Awisy went for our neighbour birthday party, had so much fun!

5. Me was actually unwell pretty much the whole week. The peak was on Friday, hd to call up Papa to pick me up and bring me to the clinic as my sore throat has deteriorate to sore ear (very painful! remember my last year entry?). Doc prescribed stronger antibiotics and Alhamdulillah both pains (ear and throat) are gone, although cough still exist.

6. What else? Hmm.... dats it kot? Hehe..


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