Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jurnal Of Un-Well Mama

I'm One Sick Mama

I've been laying sick for the past day, feverish with really bad cough and badbadbad sore throat.. Lemme tell u, my throat is soo sore, i feel like ripping it open and rub the meds all over just to soothe it.

With 2 Beloved Companions

Papa has been the perfect hubby playing nurse to me, taking care of Awisy (the occassional fights between father and child are compulsory - what a bond ;P), cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, just to mention a few ;) while me being the perfect patient laying on the couch in front of the tv, more like the tv is watching me instead of the other way around (cause most of the time i fall asleep) occassionally shouting a few request to papa with my sexy throaty voice.. heh.

Awisy on the other hand, misses my attention. He misses me I think. Although I'm in front of him 24-7, he must feel that I'm ignoring him all day. Occasionally he'll pause what ever game/toys he's playing, and come lay by my side requesting me to hug him.

He love the spooning position, where he lays by his side with me hugging him from the back. He'll cry if i let him go and continue to cry until i hug him back.

Sometimes he's jelaous with the attention I give to Papa. With both my loves demanding (almost fighting) for my attention, i feel so proud, so loved and so blessed and endless of happy feeling :D

Hehe I should stop rambling as this has start to sound like a love jurnal ;)

While They Were Napping (and A Recipe?)

While both of my loves are napping, i'm finally manage to pull myself up, fever hs subsided, only pain at throat has not.

The important fact is I'm Hungry!

And laying in front of tv switched to AFC is soo not helping.

Our fridge is practically empty as we usually went for grocery shopping on weekend. Raking the freezer, I found 2 slices of salmon which i bought weeks back.

Good enough.

Seasoned it with salt and pepper, pan grilled with butter. Prepare some 'salsa' with bits and pieces i found in the fridge, some tomato, cilantro, shallot, squeezed i few limes. Steamed some white rice, chilli sauce, slices of lime.. My plate is ready.

I feel so much better! Even feed a spoonfull to Papa where he munch in his sleep, heheh.

Now let see if I can start doing some chores that I want to complete before tomorrow,

What a 'relaxing' weekend!

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