Friday, July 24, 2009

Slapping My Forehead

Adussh how can I forget?

Papa requested to bring my camera to outstation, he left his one's charger in Jakarta, believe it or not. Being a good wife I said "Ok!"..

Little that I remember that my BFF wedding is tomorrow! I'm left with my hp camera.. Aiyaiyaiyaiiii...

This afternoon I'll be driving to Kuala Pilah with the company of this little fella.. I'm quite nervous. Hope he'll be in one of his good mood, no cranky panky! One of the thing that I couldnt stand is when he cries on top of his lung while I'm driving. Sure rasa nak pull over and give him anything he wants, hehh.. Tapi Bukit Putus mana bole pull-over right? Like I said, I pray to god, let him be in his good mood or asleep.. hehe..

"Habaih dahhhh... (Habis dah!)"

Telling me the Thomas series his watching has already ended.. Hehe..

Okla! Happy Weekend Everyone~

1 comment:

Zuhaini said...

ala.. awisy cranky je, sumbat sama itu pacifier! :)