Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tale of a Paranoia Mama

I was awakened in the middle of the night by something 'vibrating' besides me. My boy was shivering and I realize that I've forgotten to put his sweater on. The air-conditioned room is not really ice cold, but he usually sleep with his sleepsuit on. Tonight he's only wearing a cotton short-sleeved pyjama. Thinking he's cold, I cover his body with the comforter and hugged him, covering his hand with mine, hoping to transfer some heat to his cold skin.

After a while, the shivering still hasnt stopped, I began to sense something is wrong. My 'mommy instinct' insist me to fight against my sleepyhead and checked what is wrong. I shift to sitting position. Through the faint light, I saw that Awisy is shivering 'intervally', his whole body shakes for one minute, then still for another, the cycle continues. His hand is covering his eyes.

"Papa, wake up! Awisy body is shaking!"

In an instant, Papa wake up and switch on the light. He searches for the ear thermometer and checked Awisy's temperature. Normal.

"Maybe he's cold. Switch off the air-cond!"

But he's still shaking. We bring him downstairs.

Downstairs, I feel that his body temperature start to arise. He's still shaking though. I try to wake him up, calling his name and shaking his body, removing his hand from covering his eyes. He opens his eyes, unfocused. Calls my name and Papa's. My heart skip a beat realizing he's skin is paler than usual and he appears so exhausted (usually he wakes up energetic regardless the time).

I feel so scared, praying there's nothing wrong. I rewind yesterday and remembered he was bitten by ants. Is this somekind of allergic reaction? Papa checked his temperature again. Its 38.8! In an instant we decided to give him that 'ubat bon-tot'. I removed his diaper while Papa inserts the tablet. Cooled his forehead with wet towel.

After a while, the color returns to his skin. His eyes starts to focus, and he asked for his 'bus!'.

We laugh.

How I'm glad its just a fever!


mommysarah said...

iskk..nasib baik demam. so far kitorang tak pernah lagik face sarah demam sampai shivering. kalau kitorang, kompem dah kalut bawak pegi klinik.

giler panic, tak pikir dah pasal ubat bontot.

take care awisy!!!

Zuhaini said...

mak ai.. ingatkan shivering sebab sejuk.. rupanya demam! aduhai.. sian mama awisy.. sabar ya..

naza said...

panic attack duh!! btw take care..boys mmg senang demam..takut fit je..

MN said...

aduhhh...heart attack i baca!
thank god he is fine...

azzamoro said...

luckily u cepat tersedar..phewww.

Real Woman said...

nasib baik demam biasa je kan..risau jugak dlm keadaan skrg ni mcm2 penyakit tgh menyerang!

Mimi said...

isk kitorg mmg panik! tapi bila tengok temperature dh naik terus la sumbat ubat tu.. pastu tgk dia makin ok, baru lege.. hehehe

haha, biasa la asam garam seorang mama kuikui

babe tu la pasal.. camne nak dpt babygirl plak lepas nieh.. ehehehe.. aku pun takut fit nieh, nauzubillah! mintak dijauhkan

i pun panik sangat2! mata dah berair dah.. huhu

yups, seb baik i tersedar kan! dont want to think otherwise

real woman..
exactly.. i dh pikir macam2 dah.. tapi nampak dah stabil skarang, we all dh bwk dia pi klinik n right now he's in antibiotics.. hopefully baik la lepasnie...