Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Trains and A Bus

Nahhh.. I'm not talking about some journey that involves trains and bus rides. Its actually about this Cheeky boy 'obsession' (thanks for the right term Mommy Aiman!) on heavy vehicles and machines.

Attached here are living proves of my last entry, only the pichas are taken just now. Yes I'm at home and the cheeky boy is napping, hence an update at this dusty blog.. hehe :D He fell asleep while watching Thomas, with two hands holding his Thomas and Berthie, and I'm 99% confident that they gonna be the first things he searches for as soon as he wakes up, hehe..

Whattodo, my son is a Thomas-a-holic and I have to live with that.

Yesterday I spend my afternoon with Cheeky wandering inside Alamanda. As soon as we went inside, he requested for 'Bimas' ride. Spent around 10-15mins there. Then I went to the CD shop to buy Thomas-Bob-Barney-Pingu series compilation DVD - so useful when I want to finish some errands at home, just play the DVD and he'll be glued in front of the TV ;) The drawback is everytime I switch on the TV he'll chant 'Bimas! Bimas! Bimas!' so its either:

a. I'll be watching the TV with protesting and crying baby on my side
b. Forget HBO, Starworld, Starmovie etc.. I need another TV!!!

Anyway, afterthat we wandered around the shops and the instant he saw this, he yelled 'Bus!'..

Spent 15-20 mins here. He simply refuse to go out! So Mama just hangaround the Bus, watching people. After almost halfhour, I drag him out to McD for icecream treat. Then to ToyCity for around 1/2 hour, Mothercare where he oogles and googles various 'Thomas Friends' (nope didnt buy him any, 2 are enuff!), and finally to ToysRUs Parkson where he had fun trying all sorts of toys. Hehe.

Apart from the DVD (RM19.xx) and Icecream (RM4) and Parking (RM2), I didnt spent a dime! Bravo Me! Heheh..

Okeh.. need to get back to my literature review..



azzamoro said...

cutenyer.. obses dengan thomas.. hehe

CATZ said...

alallalala....seperti biasa...comell...cute mute,,, the emak got time for the fat cat during opis hour..good lorr...more time for awisy de cute,,,