Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chefs At Home

This weekend we tucked ourselves happily at home, hopefully away from all these worries and disease. Apart from friday night, went to alamanda to restock groceries and what not (we we quite worried as were not wearing any face mask - sold out at every pharmacy in there!). Next time must hv the mask ready frm home.. Rasa very bare and unprotected, especially worried for Awisy lah kan..

On saturday morning i woke up early to prepare nasi lemak, my family is coming over for bfast.. Turned out, only Abah n Emak showed up, hampes sungguh adik adik ku. Sorang pun tak bangun! Me n papa end up eating nasi lemak for lunch as well, hehe.

Today me and papa teamed up to prepare western dish i.e steak with homemade blackpeppery gravy, side dishes: homemade potato chips, sauteed mushroom and onion, and fried butter rice.. Hihihi.. Mane tak tembam.. Recipe anybody? Hehe.. Aisey, x snap any picha, so mcm xfeel nak letak recipe.. But if anyone request i'll be glad to share ;)

And right now tgh layan Jangan Lupa Lirik on astroria... heheh..

Hows ur weekend?

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