Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Make-up Bargain at Leonard Drake

Yesterday I went for facial at Leonard Drake. The beauty consultant remarked that my last facial was half year ago, haha.. No wonder the extraction process extra hurts, banyak nau black head to extract.. Heheh..

During the consultation session after the facial, she routinely asked wether i want to buy anything, replenish finish product.. I paused and remembered that my liquid foundation has almost been scraped to the last drop.

At first i wanted to change to compact powder (i dont have any, i wear liquid foundation n loose powder bila rajin, n liquid foundation alone bila separa rajin, n nothing except sunblock bila malas.. Hehe), thinking compact would make my life much easier. As predicted, she said compact is not suitable for my skin, sensitive and everything.. instead i ws introduced to another range of averine liquid foundation which supposed to be better n provide more smoother coverage. My prev ones ws from Satin Smooth range, the new one i cant remember, buts its the white bottle in the picha, hehe.

Right now they're having a quite nice promo, for RM198 customer cn buy either foundation or compact, n get free concealer, lipstick, and 2 eyeshadow~ usually the normal price of foundation alone costed around 2++! So I quickly grabbed mine, nothing to lose eh? Heheh..

So if ure Averine user, run to LD and get urs now.. Heheh.. The deal end by end of this month, but the eyeshadow colours quickly runout u might end up w ridiculous ones :D


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