Friday, August 7, 2009

Kasut Raya Saya :D

Pwetty eh?!

I'm initially torn between this and another one from the Clarks Air - the comfy range. Love this look, but its not as comfy as the Air ones. Obviously the look factor won the challenge B-). Ah well, 'pain is a part of pleasure' ;)

And u know what?

My little one helped me make up my mind. When I show him both shoes, he points to this one n said "Chann-tek-nyeee..". Heheheheheee.. sudah boleh diharap anak mama!

Yang saya agak musykil, betulke kasut raya? or akan ku rasmi come monday? heheh..

Just to point out something, this is my first shoes for this year! *Gasp* I cant believe it myself.. Come to think of it, I've bought a few shoes along the way but for my mom, dad, 3-4 pairs for awisy, but none for me!

Looks like the spell has been broken eh? :P

Happy Weekend!


naza said...

nice one babe!!

||Mrs. Izwan|| said...

cantiknya! tak penah jumpa pun this design. kat mana beli? nak jugak nak jugak!

Real Woman said...

wow nice one! sure comfy. I think u akan rasmikan come Monday! eheheh. Raya lambat lagi beb, boleh beli kasut lain..*evil* eheheh

Zuhaini said...

cantik la... :)

Mimi said...

sorrry la korg, nnt i reply eh comments! Btw mrs izwan, this is clarks new arrival.. Do check it out!