Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meatball Recipe (New and Improved!)

Yesterday, balik frm uni n collect Awisy, saya terus gigih ke dapur untuk masak ini, heheh.. I bought fresh oregano and rosemary frm Cold Storage last week (kennot resist, saya mmg ada sedikit kelemahan dgn fresh veges and herbs2 nieh). Since then I've been planning to cook pasta w tomato sauce and instead of the usual way, this time w meatball~

Anyway this recipe I noted while watching Chef At Home at AFC, make a few modifications here and there but it turns out very tasty indeed! Yay!! Much2 better than my last ones (u can search my prev recipe using the new search box widget ;P)..

So here goes the recipe:


Minced meat (I used a packet of Ramly's minced meat)
2-3 white bread (I used gardenia)
1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh milk
1 onion, grated using cheese grater, kalau xde just chopped/cubed
1-2 garlics, finely chopped
1 egg yolk (to bind the ingredients together-gether)
1/2 cup of grated parmesan (optional, I LOVE parmesan!)
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil


1. Let the minced meat defrost thoroughly first
2. Cubed the bread, then soaked with fresh milk.. dont put too much milk and make it too watery, just enough to soften and let the break absorb all the milk (this is the secret ur meatball is moist and soft, but if u put too much milk, it'll become too soft!)
3. In 1 container, mix together meat, grated onion, garlic, parmesan, and egg yolk
4. Add the bread to the mixture
5. Season with salt and pepper
7. Divide the mixture into several meatballs, I like big ones so I use a palmfull for each.. u can also make smaller ones.. depends.. I think last night i make around 8-10, pelbagai size.. hahaa
6. Heat ur pan on stove, when its hot enough pour olive oil just enough to cover the pan..
7. Place the meatball one by one, dont put too many.. Leave for a while until its really brown (dark brown pun xpe, meaning its caramelized, lagi sedapp), then flip over.. I let it seared for quite long as mine ones were big.. about 4-5 mins each side.. Make sure ur fire is medium-small
8. After u have browned both sides, drain all the excess fat/oil, then pour in ur tomato pasta sauce (u can search for my recipe using the search box - hehe), let it simmer for a while then serve hot with pasta~

Voila! Easy and yummmy :D

Here are my 2 beloved enjoying the dish ;)



Zuhaini said...

uih.. sedapnya.. :) comel la awisy! ;)

Mas said...

mimi.. kena deep fry ke minyak sikit jer?

NadiahKhair said...

sedapnye tgk awisy makan.
iman amatlah fussy bab2 makan nih. huhuhu.

btw, thanks for the recepi. surely nak try. :D

NadiahKhair said...

owh lupa, selamat berpuasa dr nad sekeluarga.

*jumpe lagi ke x eh masa nak pi beli tudung nanti? :D

CATZ said...

bestnya resepi..
tapi aku jadik lemah dgn resepi yg nak kena pakai cheese bagai (mahal..hahaha..kedekut)..pastuh nak pakai susu lah etc...banyak bhn yg nak diguna and rasa mahal..tah hapa2 kan aku ni..tapi sebab msk sendirik kat rumah nampak sgt sedap dan besttt..
tetiba aku rasa nak pi cold storage..

Mimi said...

Memang sedap! Try la.. Alia mesti suke :D

Minyak sikit je babe.. just enuff to coat the pan!

Thanks Babe! Same to u.. Hope to bump into u again mase beli tudung nanti.. Hehe.. Do give this recipe a try, I cube2 xsangka jadi.. heheh

Aisehhh, haku pulak kalau tengok bende2 pelik ni asyik teringin nak beli sebab nak rasa.. Mengada tak? hehe.. Jum ngedet kat cold storage! hahaha