Friday, August 28, 2009

Recipe: Easy Beef Steak with Gravy and Sauteed Mushrooms

Our Iftar menu for today ;)

Papa prepared most of it except for gravy, thats my specialty (senang je pun! he he). Anyway, I promised someone that I'll post up the recipe (u know who u are ;D). Its in fact very simple to prepare! Here goes:

Easy Steak

Slices of beef
Black pepper (I use coarse ground)
Fresh rosemary (optional)
Olive oil

Marinate the beef with rosemary, salt and pepper.
Heat ur pan, lightly coat with olive oil.
Pan grill the steak according to ur preferance (I dont mind medium rare B-) )
Dont throw away the remainings in ur pan, we gonna use it for gravy!

Easy Gravy

Diced Onion
Black Pepper

Melt about 3 spoons of butter on the same pan while scrapping the remaining bits from the steak, mix them together.
Add the dice onion and mushroom, sautee till soft.
Add about half of cup flour. Mix the ingredients together until light brown.
Add about 1 cup of milk, continously stir the mixture as it will become thick and lumpy fast. If it become too lumpy u can always dilute with milk. Turn off the stove when u get ur prefered consistency. We like it a lil bit thick, like a thick mushroom soup.
Season with salt and (lots!) of pepper.

Sauteed Mushroom with Caramelized Onion

Onion (use holland or the yellow ones, not the red ones)
Fresh white mushrooms
Salt and pepper

Slice ur mushrooms and onion.
Melt butter on ur pan.
Sautee union until soft, add mushroom, sauteed until soft and well cooked.
Season w salt and pepper.

HOw we serve it? Since we were using thin slices of meat instead of the real steak, first layer the meat, then mushrooms, another meat, gravy on top! Accessorize with fries and coleslaw ;)

Here is Awisy portion

He loves dipping his fries into the gravy ;)

Enjoy trying the recipe!


azzamoro said...

sedapnyer.. thanks for sharing..:)

p/s suke tengok muke awisy gembira tgh makan..hehe

Mimi said...

Haha, try la Azza, sonang yo! Awisy memang gembira, lagi2 bila membuat sepah di bawah meja!

dwimaya said...

cik adik, i x phm la tang u add half of cup flour. corn flour is it? add in gitu je without bancuh ke or dh bancuh with air? hahaha. nampak sgt x brp reti masak..

and one more thing, apa yg menyebabkan dia jadi brownish color eh? sbb butter, onion, milk, corn flour adalah ingredients yg sama utk buat butter prawn gravy. tapi color dia adalah putih2 creamy gitu..

Anonymous said...

Not cornflour.. Tepung gandum biasa! Bila u tambah n kacau2 bg mix w onion, butter, mushroom, n remainings frm beef td lama2 dia akan turn brownish.. Btw, my gravy mmg x sebrown gravy yg pakai brown sauce tu.. Light brown gitew.. Hehe.. Bila tambah byk2 black pepper, jadila black pepper gravy. N jgn pakai susu yg perisa vanilla ok, pakai fresh milk.