Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick, Tired, and Lonely

As I'm typing I'm actually waiting for Papa to arrive home. He still hasnt call so most prolly, his plane hasnt landed or his phone runout of battery. I predict he'll arrive home in 1+ hour. Cant wait! Heheh..

Its been a tough weeks, after my bro Mad recovered frm dengue, Mak was down w fever, n then Abah which lasted for almost a week. I ws really really worried as Abah blood pressure was really high. He was like really weak, hardly leave bed, ate only a spoon of rice everytime we brought him food. Alhamdullilah, the fever finally went away frm Abah, but guess where's the next pit stop? Yups.. My little Awisy. Sobs sobs.. It ws like really high, every 4-5 hours the temp will spike to 40 degrees. Yesterday I bathed him at 12am then 6am as the supp effect is wearing off but its not time for the next medication.. I hardly had any sleep, afraid to actually, what if the temp rise while i ws asleep? wont be able to forgive my self. I literally check his ear temp every minute, only settle down after it went down to 37 or soo.. Diddah hs been really helpful, staying w us, waking up at 6 helping me to bathe awisy, washing the dishes n everything. In fact sometimes awisy prefer diddah instead of me. Heheh.. Strangely i didnt feel jealous at all! In fact I feel like some burden has been lifted off my shoulder, instead of clinging on me all day, now i cn delegate w diddah.. Thank you adikku.. Heheh..

Alhamdulillah, today Awisy fever is much lower. sadly its my turn.. Heheh.. I try to put aside, went to office to settle urgent project. End up going home at 7pm, thank god my colleagues are really helpful, i wont have to go tomorrow. I ws pretty pissed when the boss pointed something wrong on my program at 6pm (actually the information given by him ws inaccurate, he just realize at that time.), i was there from the morning for god sake. Cant really think as my brain and body was really really really tired, slept at almost 3am last nite and was up at 6am.. as i said to No-ri (hehe) "adoi.. Aku dh xboleh pikir, my brain hs shut down!". So instead of tracing the roots of the problem, i did 'try and error' - imagine troubleshoot program try and error, bukannye hardware but ssoftware.. Heheh. finally it was solved at almost 7! Thanks Nori and Razi.. Without u guys, i've prolly given up and went home. Thanks to my supportive frens, i cn sleep well tonite wout worrying about that freaking system.. Heh!

Oh god, imagine how exhausted i am as i reach home, but i cant rest yet.. Aisy demanded my attention, so bring him out to baby shop nearby our house, let him have fun with the toys for awhile.. Heheh.. Finally, i drove home, give him his medication, he ws very tired, he fall asleep during the first Barney song.. finally, i cn lay down, watching 'real' channel instead of the thousandth reruns of Thomas, or Barney..

I just checked my temperature and awisy's. Apparently both of us r 38.5! Adoi laaa.. Very together-gether.. Papa just called, he's currently waiting for his luggage.. Yeay!

Oklah.. Wanna watch chopped on Afc.. Wish us well ya!


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