Sunday, August 9, 2009


Omg, i've been up since an hour ago when Awisy suddenly cried and throw-up. Habis dinner semua keluar balik. Haisssh.. Lepas satu, satu. As usual, after something like this happens, my eyes refuse to go back to sleep cause i want/need to make sure he's really okay. He's asleep btw, so does Papa.

Anyway, bloghopping menerusi my e71 small screen ini telah mencetus beberapa keinginan, sobs sobs. I suddenly craveee for a new bags (which is nothing new btw, hehe). Oh tidak! Just yesterday i've obscenely boasted to Papa that I have kept my this year resolution all the way pass July! Bravo myself! (if u've been this blog reader long enuff, u might remember my entry on dat). Yes I hd (more than) a few cravings along the way, some urges were soo strong I almost break my resolution. But somehow I made it through more than half a year already! If u know me personally, i used to bought 1-2 bags permonth (tak kirala branded or not).. Huhu. Tapi kalini seruan nya agak kuat sedikit.. Xpe, we'll see.. we'll see.. I'll keep u posted.. Heheh

Oklah.. Nak merayap kat e-bay pulak..



MN said...

hehehe...yes i read the entry yg janji takmo beli handbag baru dah...

and let see whether you still boleh puasa sampai hujung thn ni?


Zuhaini said...

hihi.. x pa, beg raya! ;)