Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baju Raya

Its less than a week to Raya and I believe everyone of us has make some sorts of preparations ;) As for us this year we plan to tone it down a little, whats with the swine flu and no bonus (heh) and everything in between.

Anyway how do u guys plan ur itenary this festive season? To directly quote our GP;

"Pandai-pandai la u guys planning nak beraya nnt, pergi visit rumah-rumah yang perlu je.."

She ws gesturing to Awisy while saying this and I get what she means. But seriously, we havent really plan of how-where-what-when yet apart from when to go back to Papa's and me's. I mean, takkan nak beraya pakai mask kan? In fact it might offend the host, we dont want to do that. Do we call and check first before we visit like "Err.. Hello! Ade orang demam tak kat sana? Takde? Ok kitorg nak datang raya nieh.." hehe. Do share w me how u plan to protect ur family especially the little ones during this hari raya aite!

So, like I said, Raya this time biasa-biasa saja bah! I only bought a pair of ready made kurung pahang.. Tudung saje sedikit bling-bling ;)

Hijau Pucuk Pisang w Dark Brown Scarf

Another scarf in my fav shade, Purple!

And this is Awisy trying out his new outfit ;)

Encem nye anak Mama!

Cookies I wise, so far I've made 2 batch of super easy cornflakes cookies and planning to make choc chip cookies and another 1 undecided (provided enuff time). Papa has ordered kerepeks and chips and me think dats enuff already lah.. We have found and decided a recipe for everyone who come (with notice) hint: noodle mee ;) Last year's was spaghetti, hehe..


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