Tuesday, September 1, 2009

drama drama draaaama

I remembered last time when Awisy got a minor cut on his feet, that we only went to sleep at 3-ish coz he wont stop crying and whinning throughout the night. Everything I did ws wrong n will cause him cry even louder, from putting plaster to cover the cut (he cried n pried it open), rubbing some first aid cream (totally regret that decision), putting socks on his feet (he screams until i remove em), I cant even remember how he (and we) finally went to sleep that night.

So when our fav GP playfully remarked (yes I brought him to clinic the next day)..

"sayang nyee mama dia kat dia.. Luka kecikpun bwk pi dr.."
(the cut ws not even a cm long)

I silently answered (kalau Dr sendiri yg hadap budak ni mlm td tah-tah dah angkut pi ER).

Tonight the same thing happen. He cried frm 10pm till 11ish of totally an invisible reason. I tried rubbing his tummy w minyak yuyi (failed), gave him ice to suck (only works for a while), offered chocolate (refuse). Finally we gave him a cup of orange juice, making silly faces while drinking it (he laugh, kept shoving the freaking cup to me n papa, we ended finishing those juice). Then he drank his millk and fell asleep.

After abt 1/2 hour he suddenly wake up and cried and cried and cried wont stop regardless how we try to console/distract him. We resort to our last resort (heh), papa grabbed the car key while i grabbed my scarf, into the car just driving around. It works! His mood instantly lifted, hilang semua sakit2. Its funny that when he recognized the exit to our taman, suddenly the whinning began again, but when Papa purposely missed that exit, THE WHINE TURNS TO GIGGLES!

Cenekel tak cenekel budak kenit ni?

We drove around until abt 1230, sampai rumah he demande to watch Bimas sambil makan jagung.. After 2 episodes we went to bed n while brushing my teeth I cn hear he starts to whine again, told Papa to ignore it, just distract him w whatever.. Last2 130 baru tido... Huhuhu.. I got class at 8am tomorrow n Papa got meeting at 830..

The thing is this time we cant even identify what is it that bother him on the first place. Narrowed it down to few possibilities; colic, mouth ulcer (he kept showing his tounge), there's a cut on his tounge (although i cant see any, must be on the bottom part), or he just want to mengada....

This is him lining his Thomas n frens locomotives on our bed headboard just now....

Adoiiii la.. Tuhan saja yang tahu..

Nitey Nite!


Anonymous said...

maybe nak tumbunh gigi

Zuhaini said...

amboi awisy! bijaknya!!!

aimi.mukhlis said...

Tapi cuba ko bayangkan kalu budak yang baru nak masuk 3 bulan buat perangai macam tu..apa nak buat? Rasa macam nak jual kat Pasar Ramadhan pun ada... :D