Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freaking My Student-Self

i'm starting to feel suffocated w my courseworks. Part of me is glad knowing that all will be over this sem, hence next sem i can concentrate on my research and wouldnt be bothered with assignments and tests and projects and such. But another part of me has start to freak out everytime i refresh my mental list of things to do! It kept incriminating! Aiyaiyaiyaiiiii...

Let me make a cyber list here:

1. Research methodology - this class while beneficial to beginner like me (hey its soo diff frm my everyday r&d job ok!), the prof will give homeworks everytime the class end! Latest hwork; complete write up of my master research proposal, present n submit after raya break.. sumone ask how long it should be, he answered "well its really up to u, but i know it wont be JUST 1-2 pages.. Hehe"

2. Verilog - while its a good news that there wont be final exam for this subject, the substitute is nothing easier.. a big project (40%) complete w proposal and final report, where the format is as extensive as my master thesis! And, another test to go.

3. AV processing - 2 big assignments, 1 individual - research note, 1 grouping - proposal plus software implementation.

4. The master research - to date i dont hv much progress, too occupied w other subjects homeworks. Why oh why did i confidently registered for 9 research credit, i dont know. Now i'm affraid i might not be able to live up to the expectation.. Kwang kwang kwanggggg

On top of that, i've submitted applcation form for internal vlsi-asic training. If i'm successfull, the course will comsume the whole sems break, 40 days.. But i hope it will somehow make my life easier (malas dh nak elaborate)..

Anyway, dont get me wrong.. I'm loving my not-so new student status so far.. Lurve going to classes, learning new stuffs n making new friends, although sumtimes the temptation to 'tuang' kelas adalah maha hebat, hehe. Love being back to university environment.. Love the flexibility that comes w my study leave, i cn manage my own time provided there's no class.. yes there're glitches here n there, sumtimes i do complain hehe, but nothing major that i cant live with it.. And I am slowly starting to feel at home, the sense of belonging w this uni.. Hehe.. Tapi tu laaa.. Hehehe.. Homework bertempek, and again i'm freaaaking out!

Yeah i'm blogging in the middle of the class.. Bad me! Roger and out!

wish me luck!

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mommylyssa said...

Here's to being a student again!!! Hihihihi... enjoy it while you can ;-)