Monday, October 19, 2009

How Much Are You Willing To Spend..

While browsing the library opac system searching for reference materials, I came across this one book that was published in 1974. Thinking that maybe I can purchase a latest edition from Amazon(dot)Com, I'm shocked to find that few people were actually selling the 1974 editions. 5 people if i'm not mistaken, but thats not the thing that jolt me out of my sleepy mind. The cheapest one is listed at 0.85k USD! Notice the 'k' and 'USD'.. a rough convert to RM3k..

The one I borrowed from the library is pretty battered n old looking.. I have no intention to sell this anyway, hehe..

I find myself engrossed in these books, no kidding!

My favourite reading to date.. I wish I can write something like this when I'm old and retired..

A little excerpt about the moment Wilkinson ADC was invented:

"The germ of the solution came to me as, leaving Chalk River, I sailed back to England from New York in April 1 946 on the Queen Elizabeth's first trip after reconversion from a troop ship. The idea was that you could, very stably, convert a pulse amplitude into a time in various ways, for example, as I eventually did it, by catching the pulse at its peak and giving it a linear run-down. You could then, again very stably, measure this time by using it to gate an oscillator in the process now known as analogue-to-digital conversion. The idea is so blazingly obvious that it has never ceased to amaze me how long it took to find."

A point to ponder:

"With ADC-based multichannel analyzers in the thousands all over the world,
I am often told that it must be nice to be rich. So it may well be, but I do not
know: I did not patent the device, and I never made a penny."

Last but not least, my little hero..



Mas said...

Actually Mimi.. I have this book :)

hmm.. I pinjam from our library like yearssss ago and never return.. :p (keep it secret OK!) I think I have it here in USA.. This book is follow me around without me actually read it.. Since you said you are engross to this book.. Maybe I'll start read it... I never thought that Nuclear Electronics's book can be "interesting".. well, let see if I feel the same .. hehehe

PurPle said...

ohh... aku pun nak kene selak buku nuclear electronics ni. :D

i hv read the wilkinson's paper. tp x abis, sampai part electronic tu lah. tetiba rasa nak baca dr nahrul (ye ker dia?) punya buku.

Mynie said...

eh mcm kenal awisy bergambar kat mana. kat mcD baru depan pkns kan? hehe.. (mcm lah ni contest 'teka di aman saya?')