Sunday, October 25, 2009

Makan USB Minum USB Tido USB

Everything USB!

Its the first thing that pop-up into my mind when i wake-up and the last thing that leave my mind every night when i force my self to sleep. I know i have no life when i speend my weekend in front of my lappy recompiling the verilog program over and over and over and over again. Everytime i fix one error, another error is generated! And dont get me started on the simulation.

Up to this point i've only succeeded the speed handshaking process. U know USB in general have 3 speeds; low speed, full speed (usb1.1), and high speed (usb2.0).. Yeah so my controller now can identify and switch to the according mode. Thats it. Hehe.. And it took me almost 3 days but its worth it when i finally manage to simulate the conditions today. At least now i hv some results to present during the presentation. Even its soo micromini...

I only hv 3 more days before THE DAY (think band of brothers). Work hard and no sleep is the answer.

Saira, i know exactly how u feel when u said u hate Einstein for discovering E=mc2. Life is much easier when people thought the earth is flat.

Oh well.. Back to my dungeon. And yeah.. USB..

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