Friday, October 9, 2009

The Ramblings of Mine

Finally, i think my supervisor is satistifed w my proposal and i can take a breather (ada hati). During our lab progress report presentation, my heart ws thumping as i'm afraid that he would shut down my idea (again). When i heard a faint "ok good" remark at the end of the presentation, my heart ballooned. (ni baru part proposal!). Finally! I cn start my work without wondering which part is gonna be my "novel" research - the new contribution to the body of knowledge. Makantaklalutidotaklelapmanditak basah bila terfikir ok. Nasib baik baru master. And i think being in engineering line i.e. electronics make it soo much harder. We are used to providing technical solution. Not inventing the fundamental of the solution itself. To me, dats more of physicist job. Heheh. Tapi for the mean time aku boleh menarik nafas lege. Plus i think Insyallah i can achieve my research objectives hence solving the problem stated... Hehehe.. Aminnnnn.

Refreshing mental list:
1. Research progress report n presentation - checked
2. Research methodology assignment - done n hope i cn present it to the class next week.
3. AV process - 2 assignments that need a kickstart a.s.a.p coz the due is very near
4. Verilog big assigment i.e. Final - also need a kick start. Gonna hv group discussion today. N got replacement class this afternoon.


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