Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 am

Its 4am and my eyes refuse to go to sleep.

Just now I was thinking about the exam week that has finally passed.


It is soo much harder this time. Harder than undergrad, when life was carefree and simple. Harder when i have a book on one hand and a toddler tugging on another, pleading for attention. Soo much harder when dear husband had to go outstation on thursday to monday while i have a paper and presentation on thursday, another presentation on friday, another paper on monday, and dear toddler to attend to. Its so much harder well beyond the complexity of the exam questions and too much assignments.

Harder but not un-DO-able.

Although the season has left, the aftertaste still lingers. I am all exhausted. I need a break. Just for a while.

I'm writing this down so I'll remember this moment. Just for the sake of memory.

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