Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Awisy and His Friends

This is our routine to date.. I wake-up and prepare myself ready. Then transfer all the stuffs downstairs. Breakfast on my own. Then I'll wake Awisy, well actually dukung mamat yang tengah sedap tido tu downstairs, place him on the sofa. By this time he'll be awake. Kissy-kissy budak asyem, switch on tv and astro to phdc, prepare his milk.. Then he'll watch the tv while drowning his milk.. hehe..

He has soo many little cars and thomas and frens by now.. Here is him accompanied by SOME of his frens..

Today Salty is the lucky one to be his bestfriend. Got a special place lagi!

Awisy and Salty watching Chugginton on PHDC.. heheh

And then before I send him to aunty babysitter, he'll pick one to come with him.. Today its the yellow-blue aeroplane ;)

Now mama alone in the lab, wishing she can pick Awisy to come with her everyday too...


Zuhaini said...

heheh.. banyak nya toys awisy!

*mahal, kan setiap satu tu! saya ingat dalam rm10 je, skali tgk harga, RM50! aiyo... terus tak jadi beli.. hihi :)

Mimi said...

eh tak sampai 50 la.. dlm 20-30 je.. beli la time sale n kumpul sikit-sikit lama lama jadi bukit! hehehe