Saturday, January 30, 2010

Awisy's New Laptop ;)

Ooooh first of all, gotta credit Mai (Okinikiyo) on her (super excited) post about Nasya yang dah pandai spelling! (read it here).. Coz i've been contemplating to buy Awisy the laptop tapi everytime I brought him to the kiddy toys section, he's more interested w other toys.

But Mai telah berjaya men-convinced me (haha!) sbb i pun jadi super excited gak when i read her entry and comments ;) So that very night when we went to Alamanda, Awisy got his own brand new laptop! Hahaha..

There're lotsa selection w slight price differents here and there. At first I want to buy the one with mouse coz it looks more realistic with mouse and everything, but when i tried the function, mcm a bit complicated for awisy. So I let him choose between dat one and this one, he pointed to this one~ Sebenarnya dia cakap dia taknak, tapi i beli jugak! haha..

The function is pretty straight forward coz it has sliding switch w labels where u can choose which activity that u want. Basically it has spelling, counting, and shapes learning, and few simple games to play.

Awisy paling suka spelling! The simplest one where u press the letter say 'a' and it'll goes 'a - for a.p.p.l.e' with pichas and sound. Just last nite he busied himself pressing the letters 1 by 1, sorta teaching himself ;) Of course bila dah boring dia tekan semua keys laju2, but i just let him..

He also love Little Einstein! Paling suka rocket, go figure! heheh. But i think their little adventures intrigued him. I even bought Little Einstein CDs coz sometimes even when watching phdc he'll goes "nak tengok einstein! nak tengok einstein!".. So pasang and he'll be glued in front of the tv for 20 mins! heheh..

Now bila cakap pun dah gaya2 little einstein..

suddenly asked me "Mama whatcdoin?" (what are you doing?),

or when he saw us getting ready to go sumwhere he'll goes "hey wheregoin?" (where are u going)

kalau curious about something new he'll goes "what was that?" (yang ni sebijik2 takde pelat haha!)

and kalau happy about something tetiba he'll goes "yah-hooo!!" hehehehee...

Okla got CV to finish.. sat lagi nak pi binding ;)

Happy saturday!


okinokiyo said...

what a coincidence..hehe but then i masa pilih dulu pun sbb i rasa this one mcm simple one compared to the others sbb yg lain tu best tp mcm complicated kan?

wayy go awisy!

Mimi said...

aah at first i was overwhelmed w all the choices. serious tak tau nak pilih mana satu, hahaha.. sampai bersila la kat situ test 1 by 1.. this particular 1 is the fanciest and easiest aku rasa.. so i pick this one.. nampaknya taste kita sama ;) thanks babe for all the tips!