Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthy and Delicious Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner Idea ;)


Oh I'm soo addicted to this. Rasa mcm nak makan everyday. Its all started when I bought a packet of smoked salmon frm cold storage. Try2, takut jugak kalau x sedap. Btw, aku mmg hantu smoked salmon okeh. Balik terus open n buat sandwich.


So tis is my second packet. Hehe. Told u I'm addicted. Selalu kat sushi or hotel or delifrance je dpt makan kan.. Sbb tu excited ;) Anyway I'm gonna share how i prepare my sandwich. It take less than no time, approx less than 5 mins :D

Slather a slice of wholegrain bread with chilli sauce. Oh saya juga hantu chilli sauce ok. So depend on u i guess. I tried with mayo, tapi for me letak or tak letak mayo doesnt make much diff, so i omit it. Save me few calories.. hadihaha

Ripped as much salad as u want n place on the bread

Put as much veggies u want as well. Obviously cucumber and tomato are like my staple food.. Bole jugak letak sliced bell peppers, onion, carrots etc etc. I brushed summore sauce on top of em.. Apart frm sauce bole letak mayo, or mustard.

Tis is the smoked salmon I'm talking about. 1 packet is 100gm i.e 181 calorie. I used 2 slices so around 60 calories... hehe

Layer 2 slices of the smoked salmon on top.


U can also use chicken or beef salami, scramble egg, hot dogs.. mcm2 lagi laaa..

So roughly i calculated 1 serving = around 150 calorie..
Oooooo okay sangat kalau nak diet! (Tapi saya makan mcm2 bende lain disamping itu.. heheheheheheeee)


p/s - banyak nye entries hrni!

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