Monday, January 4, 2010

Latest Pichas of Us (plus glimpses of that missing tooth)

This is frm the recent weekend, we went to Klang for relative wedding (MIL's side). A very nice wedding, very-very nice dais. I'll upload the dais picha later :D

Demn, I looked tan diapit oleh 2 jejaka yang putih melepak :P

These of Awisy I just snapped a min ago, he's beside me (well actually now sitting on my back) eyes glued to TV watching Thomas.. Diddah bought him new Thomas CD.. Thanks Diddah!

Luscious lips and curly lashes... Oh I'm so jeles of my own son :P

Tickled him to make him smile so I cn snap the missing tooth..

Ops blur pulak..

Tried again..

Can u see the gap? tu la gigi kapak yang gugur di perantauan :(

Actually the tooth is not entirely gone.. its a long story though.. His case is still being followed-up by dentists (local and oversea i.e Dr Naza.. Thanks babe!). He ws actually beside me right now, when he saw this pichas he immediately remarks "Gigi syakitttt...". Sobs :(

Syian anak mama...

Maybe someday I'll tell u the whole story ya..

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