Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lets Make a Pack Together

Every year without fail I make resolution to loose weight and every year i failed! Haha.. But seriously its not a laughing matter especially when health is ur concern and err a certain someone is edging out her twenties (sobs!). So seizing this moment as a good time for a fresh start, I decided to start small, narrow down my aim:

DONT skip breakfast!
Get a healthy one at least 5 days a week (with exception of course, Satuday and Sunday :P )

I gotta start somewhere right? We've heard a lot of time already how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And i'm not talking about roti canai or nasil lemak either altho its very-very tempting, i know.. So far I've strictly follow the routine for 2 weeks and it feels real good ;) Here is daily my breakfast this week:

When I'm really on a rush, gotta skip the cereals, just grabbed that cute green Anlene and sip it while driving to destination. Very convinient!

Btw, today I'm wearing my tudung belit-belit just because Papa complimented tudung Yuna yesterday :P


So, are u ready to join me? Or u already did way before this? Do share what do u have for breakfast ya! I need ideas and varieties :D

Dont skip breakfast!


dwimaya said...

alamak! saya selalu skip brkfast! bad habit betul..

tapi kalau citer pasal cereal, saya suka honey bunches of oats..


Mimi said...

hi dwimaya!

welcome to my blog~ selalu skip breakfast eh? Samala kita.. but this is my new year resolution.. care to join me?

honey bunches of oats sounds delicious.. brand ape eh?

Aimi Mukhlis said...


Wow a good start and true if you really serious wanna lose your weight, never skip breakfast and never skip meals! And make sure your meal is as healthy as it can be (more colourful is merrier) :)

Wish you luck!

Btw, I think you know what am sticking for my breakfast right? The herba-licious shake of course! wink ;)

Mimi said...

babe.. haha now i'm trying out usana! not religiously though, sbb aku perlukan makanan utk dikunyah! congrats to u for loosing 15kg already!