Sunday, January 31, 2010

My New Eye Cream - Multivitamin Power Firm

Yay! Dah replenish all the skincare necessities.. Lege. Takpayah pk for 3-4-5 bulan.

I bough new eye cream. Dulu pakai dermalogica gak, Total Eye Care. But its more for dark circles. My eyes are puffy w finelines. Sobs. So they recommended this one, Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm.. I read that i can be applied to eyes and lips too.. Especially to reduce fine lines.

I smells fruity, sooo delicious! And I like it! Semalam after facial, right away I can see the difference. So this morning, bangun terus cek.. hehe vain i know! But my eyes are always the worst bila bangun coz its puffy and creases. Walla, i see only a lil bit of crease in comparison to before this. Betul tau tak tipu! So hati ada sedikit bunga, haha.

Ni snap lepas bangun tido. Sebab nnt nak compare after 2-3 weeks application. Bolela buat before and after!

Right Eye

Right Eye Close-up

Left Eye

Left Eye Close-up

Hehe! So I guess I'm gonna show u the difference after 2-3 weeks ;)

Wish me luck!

p/s - tgh goreng bihun for brunch! Sementara tunggu daging empuk sempat lagi blog~ haha


C!kpuanmuda said...

great. i pun tgh cari the best eye cream ni. tak sabar nak tgk result after 2-3 weeks nanti ;)

Mimi said...

heheh! okeh... wait for my review kay! tungguuuuuuuu..