Friday, January 29, 2010

need advice

Have u ever feel like u are running few things in parallel with lots of things in between that sometimes u just go with the flow and forget ur priority?

Suddenly u just want to say Stop! Give me sometimes to rearrange my thought so i can prioritise and focus!

How do u really do that? Literally rearrange ur thought. Did u jot down everything on paper so u can analyse? or virtually scan ur memory and zipped the 'not-urgent' 'not-important' 'want vs need' files so u cn free some space and re-access those files when the time permits?

Really.. do share with me!


Zuhaini said...

kalau saya, saya akan list down satu .. satu.. and then tengok lah, mana yg kena buat dulu.. :)

Aimi Mukhlis said...


Aku dulu pun ada problem pasal benda macam ni, REALLY BIG PROBLEM sampai satu masa aku rasa macam surrender and give up.

But I learn a lot! Baca buku to be frank..hehe, walaupun hakikatnya aku ni adalah pemalas lipas. Learn about Pareto Principle-80/20 principle to be exact, then keep focusing on your goal. Bagi aku sometimes kita lupa kita punya priority sebab kita terlupa tentang kita punya goals ataupun kurang fokus pada goals kita.

Its not we're trying to selfish, but to be really effective. Ada sorang billionare daripada India, nama dia Hemang Pandit, according to him about priority ni - anything that don't bring you closer to your goal just leave it, don't do it! But its really works, sebab dia pun dah proofkan as dia kan salah sorang billionare kat India sekarang.

Anything you need help, just let me know. I'd love to share apa yang aku tau lah. Kalau luar daripada pengetahuan aku, we seek for the answer together kay.

Cheers! :)

Mimi said...

Thats my conventional way too! Tapi somehow selalunya the list will be forgotten after sumtimes and i'm back to square one. Unorganized.. huhuhu..

Ooooh thanks for the tips! Aku belajar pareto principle masa kelas engr econs and entrepeneurship kalau tak silap.. Tapi dah lupa langsung whats its all about! Do share n bgla real life example i.e. how u impelement it in ur case! Buat satu entry kay! Looking forward to it.. hehe