Thursday, January 21, 2010

Off The Record

No I wont reveal si *** tu punya liscene plate or car snapshot here. Sorry guys.. Coz i know he hs a kid, mana la tau his wife ke sedara mara baca blog aku.. Takmau blog pulak kene serang haha.

But to Purp, Catz, n frens at the office, kalau aku pi sana nnt kita gossip keskeskes..

To update the story, like Papa's 'kind' update on my chatbox, we actually went to report the case. Walaupun 'cuma' cermin side mirror yang terkorban (sobs!), i wont let the maniac go just like dat. Hell NO. Since he refuse to even negotiate, apelagi nak bayar gantirugi kan? So sila lah pegila bayar saman kat balai which i'm sure more expensive than my sidemirror yang lebih kurg 50 inggit tu.. I even checked yesterday whether he hs counter report the accident, the answer is NOPE he didnt. I guess he thought i ws bluffing. Padan muka!

Anyho he did manage to make my life specifically my driving a lil bit harder for the coming to 2 weeks coz the sidemirror was out of stock! Gotta wait for the replacement to arrive in 2 weeks. Susah ok! especially bila nak memotong, susur kiri, side parking, and reverse parking. Dan truthfully saya dah jadi sedikit fobia dengan jalan sempit, biarla saya yg bagi laluan asalkan side mirror tak kena hit and run dengan road maniac lagi....

I guess after 2 emo entries i should stop blabbing about this topic. I should let bygone be bygone and forgive the maniac since he already hs to pay the price. But i'll show u how my side mirror looks like with the temp replacement in my next entry..

Forgive but not forget (is there such thing? Seriously?).. Well at least for the time being, until i really forget, that is.. Hehe

P/s - sory x dpt reply comment, am writing frm phone.. Later aite!

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