Monday, January 25, 2010

RM100 VS RM15 Toys

Boys being boys, Awisy has massive obsession on these type of heavy vehicle that he calls "nannan". Some call jengkaup, i call it scorpion, Papa said its 'scoop' (referring to Bob the Builder, hehe).. I think the real name is excavator yes? no? Dont really care.. hehe.

The RM1++ Toy

I bought the rm1++ nannan bout months ago, paid about rm70-80 for it after 30% discount. I remembered that me and my sis Diddah were pretty excited to show it to Awisy after we bought it. It has remote control, all his hands/scoops can be moved up and down and rotate, and it can also move forward/backward and turn sideways. Quite sophisticated eh? Being the electronics engineer that I am (hehe) I counted about 5 internal motors to enable such movement. The remote control is also smart with loads of buttons too.

So we demonstrate the new toy to Awisy and he was soo excited. And then what? He broke it within one day! The first was he snapped the remote antenna, then he remove the tyres rubber chain/track, pull out the plastic wheels, break the scoop connector. Thats it! I feel like crying. Infact I think I did cried. Frustrated.

The RM15 Toy

Its all started when he refuse to get out of the car. We're going to the night market. I think probably the dark but crowded surroundings terrified him. So I said "Jomlaa Aisy, nanti mama beli new toys". Hehe.. rasuah.. Malas nak pujuk or marah-marah dah. Pretty efficient as he obeyed us within seconds.

So before we went back, I did fullfilled my promise. Papa chose the Nannan but not without Awisy consent. Paid rm15 for it. The seller refuse to bargain and we all pun dah malas since its already raining. As predicted the new nannan is pretty fragile. Suit the price, I guess. Within minute one of the scoop is dis-attached from its body (hwaaaa!!)..Thank you Awisy :P

But to my surprise the scoop can be reattached to its body. There's a slot that allows it to be snapped or removed. So does its front scoop. Pretty sophisticated eh?

So the new Nannan is now his new best friend. Agak melampau coz he demanded the nannan to sleep beside him. Nangis sekuat hati kalau amik.

The nannan took a big space! Conquer 1 pillow to itself. Awisy siap selimut kan lagi. I overhead Awisy talking to it in the dark "Nannan nak syimut? (selimut)" then courteously covered the nannan with our blanket. Heheh..

And its the first thing that he look for when he wakes up!! Bukak mata terus tanya "Nannan ne?"

Dah lupa Mama dah :(


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