Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday is No Plastic Day!

Yesterday while browsing the shelves at Cold Storage Alamanda, I pointed to Papa the 'Thursday and Saturday No Plastic Bag' posters hanging on the ceiling.

"Bawak tak recycle bag kita?"

We have collected 3 of them, 2 from Cold Storage due to their Thursday No Plastic Bag Day campaign, and another that i purchased from Ikea.

"Ala.. I bawak 1 je!"
"Rugi-rugi.. kene belilaa lagi ni.."

Knowing that 1 wouldn't be enough, as we're doing our weekly grocery shopping. Yups, we did our grocery shopping at Cold Storage Alamanda because no.1 I love/used to their fresh veggies selection, no.2 we love browsing (and sometimes buying) imported stuffs such as herbs and cookies and what not, and no.3 which is actually the major ones is the queue at the cashier is usually max 2 people as opposed to carrefour where we have to spend almost 15-30 mins just to pay for our stuffs.

Price wise is okay i think, i mean janganla beli al those pricey local stuffs like pineapple that might cost u rm10, heheh.. Pandai-pandai la kan?! Usually we have to spend around rm100-200, but thats including detergent and softerner and floor cleaner, toiletries, 5kg pack of rice, etc.. etc.. plus the raw veggies, fruits, whole chicken, and meat, sos cili, kicap, tomato, minyak dan sebagainya.

Anyway as predicted, 1 bag is simply not enough so we have to buy another recycle bag and the rest we just place them on the trolley without the bag. And today that I stumble on this article ..

Reminder to myself: keep 2 of the bags in my car and another 2 in Papa's so we wont end-up with abundance of recycle-bags in our house ;)


Zuhaini said...

a ah la.. kena stand by banyak2 ni.. infact, macam kena ada dalam handbag je satu. hihi :)

naza said...

kt sini mmg everywhere no plastic bag..kalau gi M&S every plastic will be charged 2p/5p..just kedai besar je bg free..but most of the time sume org bwk recycle bag sendiri..kalau pegi ikea lg laa..x bwk bag kene angkut je..plastik bag pun xde..hehhe..
good la kt msia pun dh start..

Mimi said...

Betul2.. baguih gak idea hang tu!

Tu laa.. dulu kat cold storage dia charge for each plastic cam ikea.. but now nak beli pun xleh tau.. ramai je yg just pegang barang yg dorg beli.. hahaha