Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Moments To Be Treasured

p/s - i've actually drafted this entry a week ago in my hp, dat is prior bband.. so tis is where our bubble-party idea originate.. hehe..

I love taking bath with my baby. Sometimes when its just me and him at home, its an easier and safer option rather than leaving him play by himself while i shower. God knows what he gonna do next, just yesterday we caught him drawing pictures all over his hands and legs and floor using my lipstick (Papa had a hard time washing the oily stains over his little hands and legs with him squirming and yelling.. Imagine the chaos in our bathroom).

Anyway if I may stray a lil bit from actual story just for a moment, everything is a constant catch-me-if-u-can with Awisy right now. He loves the thrill of being chased, even when we werent really chasing him. The worst is time to change his diaper. He'll run all over the house laughing his heart out while me and Papa screaming "awisy dats not funny!" "get down from dat!" "dont jump on the couch" "dont go upstairs!". Sometimes we just let him run and pretend like we dont care until he comes nearer and then grabbed him so fast, one person holdind his hand down another strapping the diaper on. Even then he'll squirm and kick and try to get away, a slap on his butt is always inevitable..

He loves playing with water. He can spend hours in the bathroom if i let him. As we dont have a bathtub, i will fill a pail with water, squeeze in few drops of shower cream, and whisk it with my hand until thick white foams cover the surface. Then he'll squeeze himself inside the pail and we'll play with the bubbles, blowing it everywhere, make imaginary shirts out of it, until the water become cold and our hands are wrinkled. Such a bliss ;) it reminds me when i was little, i used to do the samething alone, playing with the bubbles for hours, making imaginary dress and gloves out of it while humming princess-sy tunes..

Hehe.. have a nice day y'all!

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