Saturday, January 23, 2010

Veggie Soup for The Soul

Before I start lemme quote something..


As much as eating is.. hehe

Like my fb status : "What a quiet saturday~", we're simply lazying at home with no wedding invite or outing or shopping plan. Quite rare these days. So I seize this moment to get creative in the kitchen while Awisy and Papa occupied themselves with all kinds of activities ;)

The Procrastination

I've been wanting to try this kind of recipe for ages, pure veggies soup. All veggies, no red meat white meat even seafood, not even ikan bilis (dried anchovies) for seasoning. So today when Papa was grilling some burgers, I said "No Thanks!" with this recipe on my mind. U cant imagine how much courage it took me to say No, heh.

Anyway, perfect opportunity, since Papa's and Awisy tastebuds reject-(almost)all-green are what holding me back from trying this kind of recipe. Imagine what if all those effort just went down the drain.

The Recipe and Preparation

So I begin with preparing the veggie stock which took me around 1/2 hour. Saute' chopped onion, carrot, celery, and garlic till brown. Then add roughly about 2 mugs of water, add the herbs (I used basil, thyme, oregano, and bay leaf), let it boil and then simmer for about 1/2 hour.

After about 1/2 hour (I didnt really timed properly) I sieve the stock leaving pure dark brown runny liquid. Then I reheat the liquid, throw in potatoes, carrots, and fresh button mushroom. When the potato is about half cooked I add in oyster mushroom and frozen peas. Finally about 5 mins before I turned off the stove, I added frozen corns. Dont forget to season with salt and pepper ;)

Served with toasted wholemeal bread. Toasted in the oven 180 degrees for about 10 mins. A nice tip I learned from watching Jamie at Home, I rubbed in fresh garlic to the freshly toasted bread while its hot to elevate its taste and aroma.

The Verdict

I think the soup is very nice. Suite my liking and my tastebuds.. hehe. Papa was already napping when I served this soup. Being the 'good' wife that I always am (hehe) I woke him up. "How is it?" he finished a toast, dipping it into the soup and then fall back asleep. Hehe.

Personally I think the soup requires creamier texture if we want to enjoy it by dipping bread or toast. I've actually mashed some of the potatoes and mix it back into the soup to achieve the consistency. But the most effective trick is dissolving a little bit of butter into the soup while its hot. It taste heavenly! Its kinda defeat the all-veggies-low-calorie purpose if ure dieting, but its actually healthy for ur growing toddlers right?

Awisy finish the whole bowl himself!

He especially liked the potatoes and the corn bits. I just go-on with his preference and eat everything else minus the potatoes and the corns for him ;) The butter really did the trick, he actually requested for extra serving~

I'm gonna test it on Papa after he really wake up ;) After all, both of them are my toughest food critic. No reservation! hehe..

The Extras

Meanwhile lets take a peek on what the usual suspects were doing while I was cooking. Awisy happily splashing and cooling himself in the pink blown up pool, and oh my! looks like his little ride was joining the fun as well :D

And then both of em were pretty quiet so I went to the living room to see both are concentrating on Tv..

Its Handy Manny on PHDC! No wonder :D

Owh, I cn literally feel my eyelids getting heavy... Might sign off and joined Papa and errr Awisy. Not! he's actually in my lap.. with smelly diaper!

So much for napping.

Awisy! Jom WASH!!!

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