Sunday, February 21, 2010

Announcing The 2 Lucky Winners!

The 10 Contestants

Saira, ure included okay!

The Jury

None other than Mr Awisy... Now ur fate is in his hand ;)

The Process


Into the container

Picking the first winner who'll win that cool beaded clutch

*Drum roll*

Lucky No 1 - Congratulations Dya! My silent reader right? Today's ur lucky day.. U've bagged that beaded clutch ;)

Now for the second one to win that delicious orange Batik

*Drum roll*

Congrats Mynie from Everyday Ice Cubes. She's my ex-skoolmate too ;) That yummy batik is for ya~

The 2 Lucky Winners~ :D

Congratulations to both the lucky winners!!

And to those who didnt win, thanks soo much for participating and try again next time okie? hehe :D

Have a nice day~

p/s - will contact the lucky winners for delivery infos!


naza said...

alor aunty tak menang la takyah la bribe Bimas..hehhee...
p/s: weh mynie tu ex-skoolmate primary ke stj?hehe..
next time aku try lagik!! ;(

Mimi said...

hehehe Awisy kata kalau aunty bribe, next time sure menang! haha.. She's my primary skoolmate la babe. Jangan sedey aaa! Next time try lagi! :D

Mynie said...

yeay! thanks awisy sbb pick nama aunty hehe ;) thanks mimi!

dya said...

hoorayyy....thanks a lot to Awisy coz pilih acik as a winner :) & to you too mimi coz organize this contest!!!

Mimi said...

Mynie and Dya..

Congrats congrats! Mmmg ade luck la u guys *wink*.. Eh nnt i email both of u okie?!