Thursday, February 18, 2010

Books : Baby Books & Anak Sihat dan Genius

I bought this 2 books recently, Baby Books (that i intend to hand over to my heavily pregnant bestie, lieza babe :D) and Anak Sihat & Genius. Both is packed with useful parenting infos and the best part is they are locally published~ So they are pretty cheap! The Baby Book is sold at RM18 whereas the Anak Sihat dan Genius at RM13.90.

Anak Sihat dan Genius is actually a compilation of interesting articles written by well know authors like Dato' Ustazah Bahyah and Datuk Fadzilah Kamsah. The tagline of the book is "1001 tip dari 0 hingga 6 tahun". As i ws flipping thru the pages at the newstand (yups bought this book at newstand), this article immediately catched my eyes as I'm currently having problems disciplining Awisy at dining table, hehh..

Plus there're soo much more like 'Rahsia Anak Hyperaktif', 'Rawat Anak Disengat Binatang Berbisa', 'Panduan Pilih Tadika Anak' and lots more that I'm keen to read and find out. They might be general but I'm sure somehow they can help strenghten my basics.. Of course if u want to find out more in details u can always google the world wide web :D

On the other hand, I think the Baby Books is recommended for future or pregnant mothers.. U can see the topics covered here..

It covers everything from pregnancy weekly milestones to baby growth milestones and everything in between like breastfeeding info, baby skin care, cloth diapers and what not, plus all the useful directories listing around klang valley, paed clinics and baby shops. I soo wish that i've found this books when i ws pregnant, hehe :D Thats why i bought it for my bestie ;) Meh dtg amik kat aku tau!

Btw, I found this baby books at Times Bookshop if ure interested ;)


Aimi Mukhlis said...

Yer, Liza bila due?

AppleCrux said...

Yes the Baby Book very recommended..pls check my son picture on page 161-Bringing your baby out hehehe..

Mynie said...

both nampak mcm magazine...

Mimi said...

Hmm not really sure. Skarg dia dlm 6 bulan aku rasa :)

Oh really? Dats soo cool.. Balik ni nak cek!

Yups mmg mcm magazine. Size lebih kurang catalog mothercare. Yg anak sihat tu is like compilation of lots of articles that i've stated..