Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Confession of a Bookworm

I could spend hour in a bookstore. Browsing through the books is such a bliss.

Yes. I'm a bookworm and not ashamed of it ;)

We found this new spot at The Mines new wing. The book selection is quite extensive, especially the children section. I love love love Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. They're still MY bedtime read. hehe.

Enjoy the pichas~

The damage. Oh yes, and 1 Little Einstein book as well, Awisy dh simpan dulu :D Found the ladybird book box collection, yay! It contains book 1a to book 3b. 6 of them altogether at rm55 if i'm not mistaken.

Currently reading : Tuesday with Morries


yaya said...

bagus la u rajin baca buku, i sejak dah keje busy memanjang, erkkk ke alasan... hehehehhe

Mimi said...

Hehe babe, i bukannye baca buku-buku ilmiah (err bace gak tp sb terpaksa hahaha).. yg i suka is novel n fictions heheh..

old friend said...

ni yang gramedia bookstore tu kan? awesome! the best after kinokuniya & mph midvalley :P

tp lebih best sebab tidaklah sesat barat di dlmnya. hihi :P

Mimi said...

old friend..
yups thats the name! i lupa nama dia actually hehehehe... betul coz the layout memanjang frm pintu bole nampak sampai belakang. The arrangement pun quite nice. I ske gak borders, coz some book yg xjumpa kat mph i found at borders ;)